My orthodontist - Dr. Shadi Saba

For those of you who are considering braces and jaw surgery and live in the Northern Virginia/ Greater DC area, I would like to reccomend Dr. Shadi Saba!

Dr. Saba, her amazing team, and me!

Dr. Saba's Website

I found Dr. Saba from Washingtonian Magazine's Top Doctors list. 

At the consultation, I found Dr. Saba's office to have the newest technology, the staff seemed really friendly and Dr. Saba was extremly knowledgable while giving many different treatment options.  Pricing was more than competative with other DC/NOVA orthodontists.  The location is actually really convenient too.  Dr. Saba is the only orthodontist in DC/NOVA that I know of who can do jaw surgery cases with incognito (lingual braces).  That was certainly a plus!

In my 2 years of treatment, she had already introduced so many new technologies to make treatment easier and treatment time less.  It just amazes me to see all the new things being developed for orthodontics and it makes me feel confident that she's always furthering her education/experience and that makes a great doctor/dentist!  Dr. Saba and her staff are really friendly and accomodating.  I had an emergency and her office assistant came in to take care of my problem on her day off!  They want to see you succeed in treatment.  Appointments are always on time and timely.  Most adult appointments are booked at times when kids are in school, so you don't have to worry about feeling awkward in the waiting room, among little kids. 

My teeth have turned out better than I ever expected they could be!  I am so glad I chose Saba Orthodontics for my jaw surgery and braces!
Dr. Saba and I

* I was in no way compensated for this endorsement.  I love the treatment Dr. Saba gave me and hope that by reccomeding her, others can have the best smile possible too!