Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recovery Day 6

Sleep still comes in 4 hour increments, mainly because I have trouble breathing after a few hours.  I have a sink setup so I can run hot water on a washcloth and put the washcloth up to my nose to make it open up.  The shower doesn’t steam as well at my parent’s house and it’s a lot of energy to go upstairs to get to the shower.   Took a shower to alleviate the stuffy nose and could feel like I had something in there but wouldn’t dare blow.  Stuck a tissue rolled up in my nose and pulled out something hideous.  But it suddenly made it easy to breathe. 
Menu (sippy cup)

Cream of chicken soup

French onion soup (minus the onion slices)

Mashed potatoes

Baby oatmeal

Tortilla soup

Jello (syringe)