Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recovery Day 4

Sleep is still difficult when I can’t breathe well.  I am keeping up with the maximum Afrin dose I can do and supplementing with shower time.  My husband is leaving on a business trip tomorrow, so I need to pack to go live with my parents for the week.  This is a slow and tiring process, given that I have no energy.  Packing some clothes in a bag tired me for the next 30-45 minutes.  Then I’d pack something else.  Just don’t have the ability to breathe and do these physical tasks. Tried to eat Chicken and Stars soup by blending the “stars” part but turned out again to be too thick and wouldn’t go through my teeth.  Disappointing.  My mom bought me some baby oatmeal that is ground very fine.  With lots of milk it fits through my teeth and is a bit more filling on the belly than just juice and broth. 

beef or chicken broth

baby oatmeal

egg nog


tomato soup with cream cheese melted in

banana shake

fruit juices from juicer (apple, watermelon, pineapple, tangerine, melon)

Swelling starting to improve significantly.

Bruising has begun.