Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recovery Day 3

My current sleeping arrangement is on the couch with my head propped by two extra pillows.  I also am keeping the ice on all night long.  Every few hours I need new ice.  It is convenient that my husband has decided to sleep on the neighboring couch so I can easily get him if I need something. We probably fell asleep around 10 pm with the TV on.  At 1 am, I woke to the feeling of not being able to breathe.  I woke my husband and he watched me as I lay on the couch laboring to breathe. Then of course, I began to panic and my heart was racing.  I wasn’t due for any more Afrin so there was really nothing to do, and then he remembered the instruction that patients often take multiple showers per day.  He turned on the shower and sat me down in the bathroom. After 10 minutes I started to breathe much easier.  I stayed in the bathroom with the shower on for over an hour until the water went cold and the steam went away.  I went back to bed for a while.  Woke up at about 6 am to the same problem and headed to the shower. I guess this was going to be the routine.  I need to breathe, so this is it.  My parents came over to watch me and my husband mentioned to them that I can’t go out walking if I can’t breathe and explained the incident from the night before.  He then went out and got a humidifier to help me breathe 24/7.  They setup the humidifier so it would put the steam right at my nose level as I lay on the pillow.  Wonderful!


Uneven swelling.  Look at that nose!