Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recovery Day 2

Today I decided to take a shower (supervised of course). I lightly touched my face with mild soap to try to clear the surface.  It was tender to the touch.  I have very little energy but am dealing pretty well being a couch potato. I still have not taken any painkillers including Advil or aspirin.  I take the antibiotic 3 times a day using a baby syringe.  Thankfully, it’s the bubble gum/berry flavored amoxicillin which is tolerable. My husband came up with a tasty banana shake for me to eat.  It’s a calorie monster but it’s heavenly and filling. Because it’s banana, it easily blends to fit between my teeth.  I also ate sloppy jello, jello which has been slightly melted after setting and whisked so it’s not clumpy. I tried the Ensure clear and it was disgusting.  That went right out in the trash.  See the rest of my menu items below. Everything required a syringe at this point. My parents came over to take care of me for a while.  My mom heard that people recover faster if they are physically active, so she bundled me up and insisted on taking a walk around the apartment complex. We made it to the other side of the building and back very slowly.  This was broad daylight so I had sunglasses on but was still squinting. Because my nose is stuffy and my mouth is banded shut, by the time I reached the couch, I was wheezing.  I spent the next 10 minutes laying on the couch taking long breaths trying to catch up.  I continue to take Afrin as often as possible but my nose is feeling worse as the day goes on. 

Banana shake

½ cup heavy cream

2 bananas

3 large scoops of ice cream

Hint of vanilla extract

Swelling and fat lips.

Look at that big fat upper lip!