Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Post-op Checkup

This day I turned the corner in terms of energy.  I had a doctor’s appointment around noon and was prepping all morning to put on real clothes, make myself look presentable and eat so I wouldn’t get hungry.  I took a small can of apricot juice (100 cal) along with me in case I get hungry.  Doctor took an x-ray and then looked in my mouth.  Inspected the stitches and made sure I couldn’t open my mouth and that the elastics were doing their thing.  He said 1-2 more weeks with the splint.  He was really pleased and I told him things were going well.  He was concerned about nutrition and I told him I only lost about 3 lbs which made him feel good.  We stopped at my house on the way home and picked up some extra food that I wanted to bring to my parent’s house.  This is a good sign that I have this much energy.