Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I had braces as the age of 12 to correct a bad overbite due to genetics and a thumb sucking habit. My top teeth were crooked but not really crowded and my bottom teeth were very crowded.  I had two upper and one lower pre-molar extracted and two years of braces.  I thought my teeth had been fixed. I moved at the age of 25 and the new dentist found a laundry list of problems with my teeth.  After getting opinions from 4 other dentists and orthodontists, they all basically said I had a jaw discrepancy that no braces would ever fix and that if I wanted to have healthy teeth and jaws for life, I needed this fixed.  So I began my final round of treatment.
Two weeks before treatment began at age 12
After treatment ended at age 14 (staged smile)

Today: Look at those mile high gums when I'm smiling big!